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Frequently Asked Questions about SHE ZenAI and  Artificial Intelligence.

How can an Artificial intelligence assist with well-being?

SHE ZenAI provides personalized mental and physical well-being updates using data from wearables, smartphones, or manual entries. Users can view trends, correlations, and improve their high scores.

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How does SHE ZenAI AI understand what I need?

SHE ZenAI uses the "Hyfron Approach" for natural human-like interaction to reduce stress and make life more enjoyable based on the principles of Comfort as a measure of satisfaction.

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Introducing SHE ZenAI Omega* AI and the XPRIZE Project

We're excited to announce a strategic pivot towards winning the prestigious XPRIZE with our cutting-edge SHE ZenAI Omega* AI framework. This pivot places our focus on delivering a revolutionary rejuvenation solution for individuals aged 50-80, aiming to turn back the clock by 10 years within 7. As part of this initiative, we are launching the Project Token, allowing supporter involvement. Join us as we revolutionise the future of rejuvenation and AI.

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