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Beyond the Hype: Design by Zen's Ethical Digital Receipts in the NFT Ecosystem.

Updated: Nov 13

NFTs have often been in the headlines, but not always for the right reasons.

Design by Zen aims to change this narrative by offering a more ethical, utility-based form of NFTs that serve as "green' ethically better digital receipts. But why are our invoices made into NFTs? Here are five good reasons:

  1. Loyalty Rewards: Like traditional loyalty cards, our NFT receipts accumulate rewards over time.

  2. Digital Wallet Convenience: Your annual Receipt is stored in a digital wallet, so easy to manage and access.

  3. Dynamic Status: As you evolve, so does your NFT. Its status will change over time, reflecting your interactions.

  4. Tax Benefits: Check your jurisdictions. Professional subscriptions may be a business expense.

  5. Personalised Experience: Our digital receipts integrate seamlessly with our apps as levels of benefits like the Butterfly app. This provides personalised insights into your well-being.

Link to the SHEGPT Zen AI Hub around why | Design By Zen

Ethical = well-being before profits, Designer = better by design, Green = proven actions completed, Ecosystem = more together than the elements.

These four measurable elements define the overall quantum of an NFT's claimed utility values. An NFT project execution is an energy-burning exercise. Our world is obligated to be involved in climate change. Change happens fastest at the personal decision-making and action level.

Design By Zen's solution is to practice standards at a personal decision level. Consider the following Ethical Designer Green ecosystem elements as harmonious building blocks suitable for natural and digital footprint profiles going forward. We can not change the past.

Let's break down the element values.

Designer Quality: The Edgy Angels

Meet the Edgy Angels—our Design By Zen version 1 NFT concept images represent Club membership, facility & buying provenance. Each Edgy Angel category is meticulously designed, serving as a unique digital receipt and a warranty for your subscription.

A Greener Approach: Sustainability in Digital Transactions

Our NFTs are not just ethical; they're green. Focusing on digital receipts & warranties reduces the need for energy-consuming verification processes, making each transaction more sustainable.

SHE Zen AI: Where It All Comes Together

Our ethical digital receipts are part of a broader Zen AI ecosystem. AI tools like our Butterfly app enhance personal well-being and data privacy in this ecosystem, making every interaction more harmonious.

Conclusion: The Zen AI EDGE in NFTs

Design by Zen is redefining NFTs through ethical practices, designer quality, and a focus on sustainability. Our digital receipts bring genuine utility to the NFT world, all while staying true to our Zen AI principles.


Author Bio:

David W. Harvey, CEO of Design By Zen, merges 42 years of IT and high-tech design expertise with groundbreaking innovation. Inventor of the DBZ Comfort Index, Holistic Objectives algorithm, and the pioneering Social Harmony Ecosystem or Engine -SHE Zen AI architecture, David's work also includes the world's first intelligent earthquake table -EQ1. Holder of multiple international patents, his professional excellence parallels a fervent interest in exotic cars & simulation engineering. Off-screen, David finds balance in cultivating a Zen garden, reflecting his philosophy of harmony in technology and life through art.

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