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2.4 Local Authority Weight in the Social Harmony Ecosystem: Daily Balance.

Q: What is Local Authority Weight in the Social Harmony Ecosystem?

A: Local Authority Weight (LAW) in SHE is a feature that ensures the authenticity & quality of provenance, fostering digital trust. This feature is crucial in building & maintaining user trust in digital systems.

In a world where digital avatars are indistinguishable from real humans, alternative methods are required to facilitate digital trust. Voice security methods & Captcha codes have been rendered ineffective by AI.

In order to establish trust in our AI-powered world, we must prioritise preventing data leaks & privacy violations. This can be complicated by the complexity of AI, but maintaining authenticity & quality of provenance is essential for establishing a trustworthy source of truth. Unfortunately, current digital trust models are vulnerable & weak (such as the X.509 Certificate & Key from 1988). Digital trust is fundamental to all digital revenue models, regardless of time & location.

We need a local authority model bound to an entity that issues personal IP tokens of value for authority verification to achieve this. These tokens can include details such as date, duration, descriptor, & task stream. This system would create a dynamic X.509 certificate with an incorruptible public key called Local Authority Weight (LAW). LAW can use the Comfort Index in the bilateral entity authorisation process.

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2.4 Local Authority Weight in the Social Harmony Ecosystem: Daily Balance.

Building Digital Trust with Local Authority Weight (LAW). A way to Authorise Human-Human, Human-AI & AI-AI interactions at Thought Speed.

4 August 2023 at 2:45:00 pm

Author: David W. Harvey - Design By Zen, Publications

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