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About Design By Zen. The Vision, the Mission, the Goal of a designer personalized AI with a Comfort Index (CI).

Design By Zen

Company TL; DR


9 Johnstones Loop, Tasman, 7175, NZ. (by appointment only)

Space: 640m2 Studio, Workshop & Business suite.

Nearest City Airport: Nelson - NSN, 41.2968° S, 173.2220° E 


CEO & Inventor, Author: David W. Harvey

Hours of Demonstrable Experience: 80,000+ with Design Patent provenance.

SHE ZenAI was developed in-house to "Theory of Minds" Level 4 & personally funded. 

Ownership: VRI (NZ) Ltd t/s Design By Zen -"DBZ" 

Associated Luxury Brands: , CULT Sports

Image source: Nasa view of the top of the South Island, of NZ.

DBZ Location, NZ from Space | Design By Zen

The Vision.

The Social Harmony Engine "SHE" as a path of 

Connected Intelligence.


We're excited to announce a strategic pivot towards winning the prestigious X Prize with our cutting-edge Omega* framework.


This pivot places our focus on delivering a revolutionary rejuvenation solution for individuals aged 65-85, aiming to turn back the clock by 10 years within 7 years.

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Success Is..,

Using SHE ZenAI Omega* technology to win the US$101m X Prize for Health Span Rejuvenation of 10+ years for 65-85 year olds within 7 Years. It's win, win for future SHE ZenAI Users.

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The Goal..,

Personal & Social Harmony with Improved Well-being.

Social Harmony Home Circle | Design By Zen

Meet the Team

Discover a team of visionary experts, where technology and empathy intersect.

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Me sitting contemplating SHEGPT | Design By Zen

David Harvey

CEO & Inventor, Author

Brent Marshall -Mr Production, Maker, Fixer Design BY Zen

Brent Marshell


Maxine Gold, CEO PA | Design By Zen

Maxine Gold

PA to Management

Professor Dave Anderson, Autonomous AII Expert | Design By Zen

Dave Anderson

AI Agent  Orchestration 

Sara Webb, Multi Modal Media Manager | Design By Zen

Sara Webb

Multi Modal Media

Bruce Sullvan, Business Development | Design By Zen

Bruce Sullivan

Business Development

Our Story

With over 80,000 hours of tech expertise and 40+ years of transformative research, I stand at the cusp of a brave new era—an era where AI and machine learning are reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace.

My journey through technology has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From the early days of DEC mini-computers and PCs to the evolution of OSI layers, CAD design, and the Internet, each moment has been a stepping stone. Each leading to leading a niche of today's mobile, dynamic AI landscape. My roles have been as diverse as the industry itself, ranging from grassroots beginnings in the storeroom electronics to the echelons of CEO leadership and a successful exit to a U.S. VC firm.

However, what has truly inspired me are the people I've led—the transformation that good leadership can bring to a team. This experience, coupled with the highs and lows of tech entrepreneurship, led me to research the far-reaching impacts of technology on human well-being. These insights are now the empathetic backbone of the Social Harmony Ecosystem, an Engine for a new era.

AI may be at the core of our efforts, but it is not our driving force. From day one, my approach has been one of holistic partnership, ensuring that technology serves us, not the other way around.

The story is beginning not ending. 

VisionRacer VR3 MkI 2009 | Design By Zen

2009 VisionRacer VR3 MkI with PlayStation 3 -installed in 45 countries - © SimRoom a Design By Zen Simulation Brand

Better By Design

Our value is built on demonstrable heritage, craftsmanship & a passion for excellence. Our hands-on engineering experiences reflect in our designs or productions. Technology now brings ecosystem elements to life that are better by design.

Experiences as a passionate owner/driver & builder of sports cars are published in articles & hardback car books. We understand the emotion of driving raw power with no aids. Solo aircraft hours were logged in an antique aircraft that made a Morris Minor look powerful to understand flying. Restoring one of New Zealand's most iconic wooden mansions & research Institutes saved Fellworth House from terminal decline was rewarding. That experience and expertise is a life journey of study. But above all, we present "What You See Is What You Get" following Dieter Ramms philosophy.

1 Good design is innovative

2 Good design makes a product useful

3 Good design is aesthetic

4 Good design makes a product understandable

5 Good design is unobtrusive

6  Good design is honest

7 Good design is long-lasting

8 Good design is thorough down to the last detail

9 Good design is environmentally-friendly

10 Good design is as little design as possible

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SHE Zen AI is Carbon Neutral | @David Harvey, Design By Zen

The EDGE stream, Savill Bay, NZ -we cared for, restored & drank from this water for 16 years. image © David Harvey

Green = Actions versus paper promises.

DBZ's Commitment:  Authentic Environmental Action

I grew from seed, planted and nurture an entire native forest over a decade. This offsets  the carbon footprint of the entire DBZ ecosystem. Crafting sustainably, ensures that as we progress, we never lose sight of our green roots.

Build a Legacy: DBZ's Commitment to Authentic Environmental Action

Our native forest project isn't just an initiative; it's our legacy, our contribution to a planet that deserves more. With each year, as our forest grows, its benefits to the Earth multiply, emphasising our role as stewards of nature.

Personal Advocacy: Nutrition and Environment

DBZ promotes growing your food for personal and environmental benefits. Cultivating food connects us to the land, highlighting the balance between consumption and conservation.

Marrying Innovation with Sustainable Design

The DBZ ecosystem thrives at the intersection of design and technology. We focus on sustainable crafting while never losing sight of nature. AI, Forna, and Flora are closer than one first associate.  

Our Back Story

Our journey starts by being born into the Jet & Atomic ages of the 1960s. People "dialled" telephones fixed to the wall or on a hall table. Telephones "lines" were sometimes shared and called "party lines". Each party had a ring code. Phone "Booths" were public telephones on every second or third street with Post Boxes for mail. A black & white valve Tv had two government-approved channels commencing broadcast at 3 pm. The local library was the encyclopaedic window to the world -for the town population of 6000.

5km from my town in New Zealand is the birthplace of Lord Rutherford. Lord Rutherford was the first & foremost applied Atomic physicist of the 1800s. Lord Rutherford journeyed from a small shack with twelve siblings to being laid to rest, as a pier, to Sir Issac Newton in Westminster Abby. The great man said, "We had no money, so we had to think." That quote was the ticket to anything being possible (within the laws of physics).

My last assignment before leaving NZ was the legal survey & propose site levelling preparations of the earliest "Fox Hill" Rutherford house site. The original Rutherford house was demolished in the 1920s. The site was little more than a small paddock with old stock drinking toughs & a vague outline of old gardens.

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Lord Rutherford of Nelson birthplace |  Design By Zen
SHE Zen AI starts with Vintage Radio set article | Design By Zen

Experience builds Expertise

Our Back Story

The RS423, X.25, Internet, Big Bang, Y2K,, Gaming & GFC, 4G, iPhone, Social media, Bitcoin, W3, I was there. 

From an insatiable curiosity and a lack of money at eight years old, I started building miniaturized "cat whisker" radio sets for primary school kids to rent for two cents.

Denied access to read a new book on microprocessors at my workplace, I moved to Australia at 19 years old, just one day after graduating. Personal computers were still a year away, and mainframe computers ruled. It was the Yuppie era, and the mantra was "he who has the most toys wins." Australian industries benefited from processing data, and by 1989, it was time to move to London to network big DEC systems. This coincided with the rise of the public internet over the next five years.

A US VC group closed the purchase of the network consulting business on the eve of the Year 2000, allowing me to embark on the next chapter of my life, pursuing luxury lifestyle elements and personal development. We examined hard questions and proposed solutions about life with style and technology in the AI-VR era.

Event Milestones Research, Understanding, & Execution Since '91

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Design By Zen Invention Timeline infographic | Design By Zen
Cover of GT40 Hardbook, "Then and Now" | Design By Zen

CULT Sports Cars

A passion for sports cars since childhood lead to the formation of CULT Sports Cars in 2003. We have owned, driven, restored and scratch built some of the most beautiful and exotic cars in history.

An example of The CULT Sports car collection is the GT40 X1 "P."  This is a reimagined 1965 Ford GT40.  Sporting a hand-built BMW 5 ltr V12 with quad, triple 46 IDA Weber carburettors.  The car has been included in the hardback reference book history by noted Porsche authority Adrian Streather. The "X1 P" is a marquee part of the CULT Sports Car collection. The finishing & sale creates project economies. The car has reached a running  & driveable state requiring final interior design elements & final build. The select project sponsors will become part of vehicle & digital / NFT history. 

The other cars are 1968 & 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750, Lola T70's, Datsun 240Z, Fiat 500.

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New Zealands First VR Resort

The EDGE Club resort is a virtual resort developed from the actual site data. Now in 2024 persistent reality technology by companies like nVidia make the project a viable reality.   


I spent 16 years living on & off, planting 40,000 trees & plants from seeds & cuttings. The experience of living remotely with Zen periods is the inspiration to share the experience as a virtual resort.

Restoring New Zealand's Research History 

2007 Business Review Weekly Top 100  NZ Houses, 

2008 NZ House & Garden Magazine feature article. 

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RMIT University Simulation R & D Suite

The Military type suppliers came from a top-down view, "we have it, so it must be best".  The (ex DARPA -US Govt., Special Technology Research)  RMIT Professor took the view that gaming was providing an expansive, open, well-funded technology base. Given our prestigious client base, global systems experience and ability to innovate we were given the latitude to design the simulation and realtime / real-world interfaces.  


"SimRoom responded with a world-class system design, in fact, leading edge.  Their commitment and attention to detail were nothing less than their reputation suggested.


SimRoom promised the RMIT something special.  What we have installed is awesome.” Dr. Reece Clothier, Deputy Director, Aerospace Research Centre, RMIT, 2014


Dr. Clothier was the Deputy Director of the Sir Lawrence Wackett Aerospace Research Centre and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

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SimRoom & RiftRoom Design Use Cases Video 2008 - 2014

VisionRacer logo | Design By Zen
VisionRacer VR3 MkI, 2009  | Design By Zen
WIRED Magazine 8/10 review rating | Design By Zen

BY a Design By Zen luxury Brand

"The holy Grail of race simulators".

T3 Magazine,Singapore "SimRoom VR3 -The holy Grail of Simulators" | Design By Zen
Background to Track | Design By Zen

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity


"With a VisionRacer, I could have gone faster!" 

Lucas Ordonez.

Watch his story about the impossible in 2008.

"VisionRacer, This Is The Future"

“I fell in love with the VisionRacer before it even arrived, and I have never been so satisfied with an entertainment product as I am with this.


It's solid and functionally perfect, and it looks amazing too. From the curves, to the chrome finish, it takes a gaming console and turns it into a desirable piece of modern furniture that adds interest to my lounge, but that is just the start.


My video racing games are now transformed into a virtual world that I really feel I am in. Total escapism, and total immersion. No wonder they say it is used by real drivers as a training tool.


Friends and family are initially intrigued, and then insatiably hooked - it's incredible to watch them sit down, and then become immersed - in seconds. You'll never look at gaming the same way once you've tried it. Paddles and controllers are dead. This is the future.” 

Jack Mac, NZ - 06 December 2010

Join & build the Universe.  
Great brands we have worked with.

SimRoom Famous Client Brands | Design By Zen

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