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2.5 SHEGPT's Respect for Data Collection & Privacy: Zen Principles.

Q: How does SHE, as Zen AI respect data collection & privacy?

A: As the Designer of SHE, 40 years of Tech life experience is being baked into this creation. Throughout my life, I have been on a silent search for that missing "Zen" element - locality. Since 1981, this technology-driven experience has been in operation during a time when Jobs & Gates were the two prominent figures in the industry. Military-grade security was the benchmark. Digital Equipment Products I dealt with were developed with strict guidelines based on "MIL spec" usage.

Only a select few will understand the value of this moment. It sounds like a quote from Steve Jobs. By the time the Internet became public, I had over ten years of IT system connectivity experience. The Internet & security exploits exploded. I chose a Networking path, focusing on "the delivery" rather than the "essence" of the content, which was not considered within the Domain. The AI era takeaway, advice & by design, is to value & secure local Intellectual Mental Value "IMV". Better by design means respecting & establishing Property rights operating with the SHE domain locally. Make it your own, keep it yours or Share with your benefit fairly -in the AI era. The way we store our requirements to save things will evolve. Why do you need to Save or Store something when you have an Agent that can know it & recall it perfectly?

This leads us to state the priority the Social Harmony Engine values in providing User data confidentiality. The essence of the design ensures that all information collected is solely used for calculating the Comfort Index & providing Client-consented optional personalised recommendations. All via secure routes. User privacy is a top priority. The data collected is not shared with any third parties. We draw data from Wearable & Smartphone data, so we rely on the Client & the data availability according to the device that uses data protection practices as the baseline.

The Butterfly app is our Swiss Army knife-type app. It's simple to make security simple. The image shows the simple but effective components & data flow with security checks. Clients access & modify their personal settings files both offline & online. Smartphones have robust, secure operations. Security of the operating system is maintained. The data of the users is secure due to the physical protection of the devices & as good as the phones used by clients.

The image shows the simple but effective components & data flow with security checks.

The creation of "SHE ZenAI" © DBZ-David.

2.5 SHEGPT's Respect for Data Collection & Privacy: Zen Principles.

Protecting Your Privacy: Our Commitment to Confidentiality with SHE Zen AI. SHE's Privacy Principles starts from the "Chi" or soul outwards -entity to entity as in nature, as an alternative to the Digital Cloud downwards.

1 August 2023 at 12:00:00 am

Author: David W. Harvey - Design By Zen, Publications

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