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4.2 The Holistic Objectives in SHE: Expert Guidance.

Q: What Do Holistic Objectives (HO) Mean in the Social Harmony Ecosystem?

A: A Deep Dive into Holistic Objectives and Their Importance

Holistic Objectives in SHE, such as staying alive, maintaining good health, & converting expenditures into income, form the actionable layer above SHE's ethical backbone—the Heuristic Imperatives. The specific Imperatives are reducing suffering, increasing prosperity, & increase understanding. Together, Heuristic Imperatives (HI) and Holistic (HO) create a robust, self-reinforcing guidance loop that drives decision-making & behaviour within the SHE ecosystem.

In a departure from the traditional "man vs. machine" viewpoint, SHE adopts a stakeholder equality approach. This means that all decisions, whether made by humans or AI, are guided by a shared understanding of the HI and HO principles. Our research indicates that adherence to these principles boosts positive outcomes, especially when coupled with real-time Comfort Index (CI) feedback.

The Holistic Objectives are designed to be measurable and actionable, offering clear endpoints for each goal. They serve as the 'function values' that guide the system's actions and decision-making processes.

Highlighted Points:
Heuristic Imperatives (HI): Core principles that include reducing suffering, increasing prosperity, and fostering understanding.

Holistic Objectives (HO): Actionable goals such as staying alive, maintaining health, and converting outgoings into income.

Comfort Index (CI): A real-time feedback mechanism that enhances alignment and improves outcomes.

The objective of 'converting outgoings into income' can manifest in various forms, ranging from meeting daily financial requirements to achieving a balanced lifestyle and even generating income through CI-based micro-transactions.

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4.2 The Holistic Objectives in SHE: Expert Guidance.

Understanding the Actionable Goals that Drive SHE's AI Systems.

6 September 2023 at 4:00:00 am

Author: David W. Harvey - Design By Zen, Publications

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