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1.3. A Second Cortex: SHE's Zen Principles for Enhanced Cognition.

Q: What Does "Second Cortex" mean in the context of SHE Zen AI?

The personal Social Harmony ecosystem acts as a "Second Cortex". This is by providing an extra layer of cognitive support, much like the human cortex does for higher-order functions. This includes helping users sift through complex information, make informed decisions, and deepen their understanding.

In the age of "Instant Knowledge," the Internet has evolved from a mere repository of information to an oracle of expertise. Today we are used to now relying on trusted experts and social influencers to guide their decision-making, shifting away from traditional advertising and more reliant for the last decade on "just "Google it" search methods.

In modern decision-making, digital trust security layers have become essential to the trust chain. This includes search engine filters, review services, and personal VPNs that serve as badges of authenticity.

As of 2023, the line between human and machine-generated content has blurred. The challenge now is distinguishing the origin and ensuring the content's authenticity and value.

Decision-making today is a complex process that occurs at the length of "attention" speed. It involves multiple factors, from verifying authenticity to aligning with personal values, all of which happen almost instantaneously. Today the average American checks their phone 80 times daily, each time engaging in a cognitive process weighing multiple factors. That has a a preload of daily stress - either in not having a response or being prepared to handle and respond to the daily "events".

SHEGPT as SHE Zen AI Assistants work around the clock to act as your second cortex, easing your cognitive load. They handle your communications efficiently, allowing you to be more productive while retaining the context of your interactions.The technical term is Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) search.

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1.3. A Second Cortex: SHE's Zen Principles for Enhanced Cognition.

Elevating Decision-Making: SHE as Your Cognitive Co-pilot.

31 July 2023 at 11:00:00 pm

Author: David W. Harvey - Design By Zen, Publications

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