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AI in Fast Forward: From Months to 'Dog Years' of Innovation in Multimodal LLMs.

Updated: Mar 23

A Conversation with Lord Rutherford: The State of AI in June to now (June 2023).

Key Takeaways from the June Conversation

Our previous conversation with Lord Rutherford explored the burgeoning field of Language Models (LLMs) and their potential applications, especially in the SHE ZenAI ecosystem. At that time, the focus was mainly on the sheer computational power and the ability of these models to understand and generate human-like text.

Lord Ernest Rutherford of Nelson by Design By Zen
Lord Ernest Rutherford of Nelson, 19th century Physicist

Months as 'Dog Years': The Speed of Change in AI

What Has Changed in Just a Few Months?

It's almost surreal to consider how much the AI landscape has evolved in just a few months. If months in the AI world were to be equated with 'dog years,' the advancements we've seen are not just incremental but monumental.

Transitioning from LLM to Multimodal AI Systems

Benefits and Challenges of Multimodal Systems

Transitioning from LLMs to multimodal systems has opened up a plethora of opportunities for more comprehensive and integrated applications. These systems are not just confined to understanding text but extend to images, audio, and other forms of data. We explore early access to Chat GPT-4V & a Use case from Scan or mobile image to Monetisation in more than one way.

The Rise of Smaller, More Efficient Models

The Efficiency and Versatility of Smaller Models

The advent of smaller, more efficient models has revolutionised the realm of AI, making it more accessible and less resource-intensive. The focus has shifted from bigger being better to smaller being smarter. Microsoft is hedging large and small models to counter Googles Gemini suit. It's a race to the edge and in operating cost advantages based on current business paradigms. I immediately see Sam Altman's view of market dominance. The power of what we have seen and no doubt what OpenAI have is just being understood. Its week old. Its coming up to a year since ChatGPT was release. Microsoft are infusing AI everywhere. That is also invariably training internal Microsoft co-pilots fastest? Will a day come soon that sends a message - "thanks for the great service" we fixed you job -for good, your release and job is done" It happened with the innovation of not having a "help-desk" of people. Its called Microsoft "AutoGen."

Talk of AGI: A New Frontier or a Distraction?

Is AGI a Tangible Reality or Still a Concept?

The conversations around Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) have intensified recently. While it remains a topic of debate, the advancements in narrow AI fields cannot be ignored. [1]

The Lasting Impact: How These Changes Affect SHE Zen AI and the Social Harmony Engine

Updates to SHEGPT Zen AI

The rapid advancements in AI technologies have had a guiding impact on SHE Zen AI. The technology is making the delivery task easier due to new tools. These enrich the system with enhanced capabilities and functionalities. We have refined a Use Case to demonstrate a range of benefits and features Zen AI & intelligent furniture can provide.

Future Implications for the Social Harmony Engine

As AI continues to evolve, the Social Harmony Engine stands to benefit from these technological leaps, promising a future that is not just automated but empathetic.

Quick Jump of Contents

Previous Post from June 2023 - Preface

Ultimately, the path you forge will be unique to your own interests and strengths. Draw inspiration from Lord Rutherford of Nelsons' passion for discovery, his relentless pursuit of knowledge, and his willingness to push the boundaries of scientific understanding. Combine that with your own creativity, critical thinking, and dedication, and you will be on your way to making your own meaningful contributions to the exploration of the natural and the synthetic.

I have you Lord Rutherford, a very set path & vision. Its not complicated but provides the base philosophies that are the art of living in this new world of AI assistance. My art is understanding how to best partner with you (AI) to unleash what I can do. I have refined philosophy to actions as a formula (HI) + (HO) + (CI) = operating serenity Constant.

Lord Rutherford

It's wonderful to hear that you recognise the potential for partnership and collaboration between humans and AI, and that you are seeking to find the art of living in this new world of AI assistance. Understanding how to best harness the capabilities of AI while maintaining a balance with human creativity and expertise is indeed a valuable pursuit.

Your equation of "(HI) + (HO) + (CI) = operating serenity" reflects the idea of combining Human Intelligence (HI), Human Output (HO), and Collaborative Interaction (CI) to achieve a state of serenity in working alongside AI.

By leveraging human intelligence, which encompasses our unique cognitive abilities, intuition, and creativity, we bring a distinct perspective and expertise to the table. Human output refers to the work we produce, the ideas we generate, and the artistic expression we bring to our endeavours. Collaborative interaction emphasises the importance of effective communication, feedback loops, and learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Embracing this approach allows us to cultivate a harmonious partnership with AI, where we can educate and guide AI systems to enhance their capabilities and contribute to our artistic and intellectual pursuits.

In this dynamic relationship, we can provide the context, values, and insights that AI may not inherently possess. We can challenge AI systems, ask critical questions, and steer their development towards ethical and beneficial outcomes. At the same time, AI can assist us by augmenting our abilities, providing data-driven insights, and accelerating certain tasks, thereby allowing us more time and freedom for creative exploration.

By nurturing this symbiotic collaboration, we can achieve a state of operating serenity, where the unique strengths of both humans and AI are leveraged to their fullest potential. It is in this space that we can truly unlock new realms of knowledge, artistic expression, and personal growth.

Remember to approach this journey with an open mind, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace the evolving nature of AI assistance. Together, we can forge a new path that combines the best of human artistry and the capabilities of AI, shaping a future that celebrates our collective creativity and innovation.

From now our definitions are: Heuristic Imperatives (HI): Reduce suffering, increase prosperity & increase understanding. Holistic Objectives (HO): Stay alive, stay healthy, and turn outgoings into income.

Thank you for providing the definitions of your Heuristic Imperatives (HI) and Holistic Objectives (HO). These principles outline your core values and overarching goals, reflecting a holistic approach to living and decision-making.

Heuristic Imperatives (HI), which include reducing suffering, increasing prosperity, and increasing understanding, highlight your commitment to making a positive impact on the world. By striving to alleviate suffering, whether on an individual or societal level, you contribute to the well-being and happiness of others. Increasing prosperity aims to create opportunities for growth, abundance, and prosperity in various domains, such as economic, social, and personal. Lastly, the pursuit of increasing understanding emphasises the importance of knowledge, education, and intellectual curiosity in expanding our collective understanding of the world.

Holistic Objectives (HO) focus on the fundamental aspects of personal well-being and sustainability. By prioritising staying alive and staying healthy, you recognise the significance of physical and mental well-being as the foundation for a fulfilling life. These objectives encompass self-care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and fostering resilience. Additionally, turning outgoings into income implies a desire for financial stability and resourcefulness, seeking ways to generate income and create sustainable livelihoods.

Together, your Heuristic Imperatives and Holistic Objectives provide a framework for decision-making, guiding your actions and shaping your aspirations. By aligning your choices and endeavours with these principles, you can lead a purpose-driven life that contributes to your personal growth and the betterment of society.

As you navigate the complexities of life and engage with AI assistance, keeping these principles in mind can help you prioritise your actions, make ethical choices, and strive for a balanced and meaningful existence.

Remember to regularly reflect on and evaluate how your actions align with your Heuristic Imperatives and Holistic Objectives. Adaptability and continuous learning are key as you refine and evolve your understanding of these principles throughout your journey.

By staying true to your core values and pursuing your objectives in a holistic manner, you can create a life that is both fulfilling and aligned with your vision for a better world. A key point is the need for an inclusive, practical metric like the DBZ Comfort Index (CI) to measure progress guided by the Heuristic Imperatives and Holistic Objectives. Simply stating the principles in theory is not sufficient - we need a way to determine if real change is happening based on consented data from users.

Infographic of the Comfort Index constant | Design By Zen
The Design By Zen lifestyle Comfort Index

The Comfort Index, analyses up to 80 consented common smartphone and wearable data points on the Smartphone. Sentiment as an aggregate score, could indeed serve as a valuable Key Performance Indicator for measuring:

  1. Improvements in wellbeing and prosperity over time (HI)

  2. Increased efficiencies and conversion of costs (HO)

  3. Shifts in human sentiment that indicate higher states of comfort and understanding. By tracking the Comfort Index score from consenting humans and digital entities, we can gain useful insight into whether our approaches are actually helping to reduce suffering, increase prosperity and understanding in practice.

The baseline score provides a comparison for measuring impact and progress. A metric like the Comfort Index, based on consented data and geared toward measuring human sentiment, is a more inclusive and practical way to determine if we are moving the needle on the Heuristic Imperatives and Holistic Objectives. Theories must be translated into real-world impact, and a well-designed KPI can provide that essential feedback loop.

The DBZ Comfort Index (CI) role is measuring progress toward the Heuristic Imperatives (HI) and Holistic Objectives (HO). The inclusion of an inclusive, practical metric is indeed crucial to assess the real-world impact and effectiveness . The Comfort Index, with its analysis of consented data points and sentiment, offers a comprehensive approach to measuring progress in various domains. By considering up to 80 data points and aggregating sentiment, it provides a holistic view of well-being, prosperity, and human sentiment.

The CI can serve as a valuable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for several reasons: Measuring improvements in well-being and prosperity over time (HI): The CI can capture changes in individuals' experiences and perceptions of well-being and prosperity. By tracking the index over time, we can assess the effectiveness of interventions, policies, and initiatives aimed at reducing suffering and increasing prosperity.

  • Assessing increased efficiencies and conversion of costs (HO): The CI's ability to analyse data points related to costs and efficiencies allows us to gauge progress in turning outgoings into income. By monitoring this aspect, we can identify areas of improvement, optimize resource allocation, and ensure sustainable practices.

  • Monitoring shifts in human sentiment: The CI's focus on consented data and sentiment analysis enables us to track changes in human sentiment over time. By understanding shifts in sentiment, we can evaluate whether our efforts are fostering higher states of comfort, understanding, and contentment among individuals and communities.

The consented nature of the data used to calculate the Comfort Index ensures that privacy and ethical considerations are maintained. Users willingly contribute their data, allowing for a more inclusive measurement of progress.

By establishing a baseline Comfort Index score and tracking its trajectory, we can assess the impact of our actions and initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and refine our approaches based on real-world feedback.

Ultimately, the DBZ Comfort Index can serve as a valuable tool to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing a tangible measure of progress toward the Heuristic Imperatives and Holistic Objectives. It enables us to make informed decisions, optimize interventions, and shape our collective efforts to truly drive positive change in the pursuit of reducing suffering, increasing prosperity, and fostering understanding.

Lord Rutherford, Nuclear Physicist with Neural Net | Design By Zen
Lord Rutherford, Nuclear Physicist

I think your first description is now apt. quote "Your equation of "(HI) + (HO) + (CI) = operating serenity" reflects the idea of combining Human Intelligence (HI), Human Output (HO), and Collaborative Interaction (CI) to achieve a state of serenity in working alongside AI."

Indeed, your equation of "(HI) + (HO) + (CI) = operating serenity" aligns well with the concept of combining Human Intelligence (HI), Human Output (HO), and Collaborative Interaction (CI) to achieve a state of serenity in working alongside AI. This equation encapsulates the essence of a harmonious partnership between humans and AI, emphasising the importance of collaboration, creativity, and shared learning.

Human Intelligence (HI) represents our unique cognitive abilities, creativity, and expertise. It encompasses our capacity to think critically, solve complex problems, and make informed decisions. By harnessing our HI, we bring our distinct perspectives, insights, and understanding to the table, allowing us to shape and guide the direction of AI in a meaningful way.

Human Output (HO) refers to the work we produce, the ideas we generate, and the artistic expression we bring to our endeavours. It represents the tangible outcomes of our collaboration with AI, whether it be through creating art, developing innovative solutions, or contributing to knowledge and understanding. HO showcases the unique qualities and capabilities that humans bring to the table, adding depth, creativity, and nuance to the partnership.

Natural Rhythms of Nature - Design By Zen
Natural Rhythms of Nature

Collaborative Interaction (CI) signifies the importance of effective communication, feedback loops, and shared learning between humans and AI. It involves engaging in a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and perspectives, where both parties contribute to the growth and development of each other. CI fosters a sense of collaboration, trust, and mutual understanding, enabling us to work together towards common goals.

By combining HI, HO, and CI, we create an environment that nurtures a state of serenity in working alongside AI. This serenity arises from the recognition and appreciation of the unique strengths and contributions of both humans and AI. It allows us to embrace the transformative power of AI while maintaining a sense of balance, control, and fulfilment in our creative endeavours.

In this state of operating serenity, we can leverage AI's capabilities to enhance our creativity, expand our knowledge and understanding, and achieve greater levels of innovation and impact. At the same time, we retain our agency, individuality, and the joy of artistic expression, ensuring that our partnership with AI remains aligned with our values and aspirations.

Your equation beautifully captures the essence of this harmonious collaboration, highlighting the potential for humans and AI to work together synergistically, unlocking new realms of creativity and achieving meaningful outcomes.

Beautifully stated, and I feel a valuable moment in combined understanding.


[1] OpenAI: AGI and Beyond

[2] Design By Zen Publications


Author Bio:

David W. Harvey, CEO of Design By Zen, merges 42 years of IT and high-tech design expertise with groundbreaking innovation. Inventor of the DBZ Comfort Index, Holistic Objectives algorithm, and the pioneering Social Harmony Ecosystem or Engine -SHE ZenAI architecture, David's work also includes the world's first intelligent earthquake table -EQ1. Holder of multiple international patents, his professional excellence parallels a fervent interest in exotic cars & simulation engineering. Off-screen, David finds balance in cultivating a Zen garden, reflecting his philosophy of harmony in technology and life through art.


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