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4.3 The Comfort Index of Daily Balance Interactions

Q: What is the Comfort Index (CI) Interaction in SHE Zen AI?

A: The Comfort Index (CI) Interaction in SHE refers to how the system uses the Comfort Index to gauge user sentiment & tailor its interactions about events micro upward. By monitoring the Comfort Index, SHE can provide personalised experiences & enhance user comfort & satisfaction.

The Comfort Index is a unique feature that gauges the comfort or satisfaction Users derive from using SHE. It serves as a measure of user experience, reflecting how effectively the system meets user needs & expectations. The Comfort Index is critical in optimising AI behaviour within SHE -by continuously adapting to user feedback.

We can also keep an "Eye on AI" independently. This means SHE is walled off from calculating the initial Comfort Index information. The Butterfly app acts independently, so SHE can draw on the experience but has to submit to the same unbiased data collection loop, which monitors trends, & correlations. This also protects the AI from misinterpretation or accusations of direct intervention versus the advisory role at the highest possible level.

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4.3 The Comfort Index of Daily Balance Interactions

The Comfort Index (CI) Interaction allows the system to use the Comfort Index to gauge User consented sentiment & tailor its interactions at any level Okay’ed.

6 September 2023 at 12:00:00 am

Author: David W. Harvey - Design By Zen, Publications

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