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Ethical AI & Art add to the Ethical layers to consider.

Updated: Mar 29

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AI is a way of unfolding stories.

The public arrival of Artificial Intelligence is here -and actually has been for some time. And with each release of a "model", another record-breaking adoption rate in history. AI bought utility, period.

The race by today's big tech giants to dominate fast has given us all literally and figuratively access to a Playground (by OpenAI. Playground that's also closed to the details of its GPT4 model, now).

Learning machine models have been referred to as new "Giants." If "technology" is a prefix, I suggest it makes more sense. Technology Giants are making their rules and picking who is a "trusted party" with the best technology.

One problem for big tech is the confluence of the awakening to the value and freedom of personal Intellectual Property. Open Source personifies that movement at a tipping point in history. Exactly how to describe that tipping point is to be decided, but without doubt, AI, lifestyle and wellbeing will increasingly be discussed.

As of November 2022, ChatGPT came into the public consciousness from the mainstream media. The rate of improvement has been exponential.

That means different things to people, from "yeah, nah...get faster pizza?" to profound enablement with unlimited artistic tools. Mid Journey, Dall-e, and Stable Diffusion are becoming as well-recognised as Epic Studios Unreal 5 engine "Fortnite" or the tech behind the "Mandolin" movie production. PlayStation 5 VR2 can create a convincingly immersive virtual driving reality today. AI-tuned data in real-time is beginning to be employed. Nvidia has made announcements (March 2023) that unleash the power of AI creativity option to build or, should that be, train Design By Zens life with style & technology ecosystem elements precisely, as designed.

The DBZ ecosystem comes from a foundation of benefits and function constraints of the User expectation today based on centralised apps. That will change to being User-focused, hand-held, personalised voice-driven personal Assistants by subscription. Our difference is to believe that heritage, craft and art complement this journey. That human art is a crucial central influence we can keep dear and will flourish.

This video examines AI and Art from a modern art perspective.


Author Bio:

David W. Harvey, CEO of Design By Zen, merges 42 years of IT and high-tech design expertise with groundbreaking innovation. Inventor of the DBZ Comfort Index, Holistic Objectives algorithm, and the pioneering Social Harmony Ecosystem or Engine -SHE ZenAI architecture, David's work also includes the world's first intelligent earthquake table -EQ1. Holder of multiple international patents, his professional excellence parallels a fervent interest in exotic cars & simulation engineering. Off-screen, David finds balance in cultivating a Zen garden, reflecting his philosophy of harmony in technology and life through art.


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