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GPT-4V Use Case: Revolutionising Asset Valuation with GPT-4V -Image Capture to Monetisation.

Updated: Nov 8

Bike seats and Websites.. ooo, ahh: Yeah, nah... How about a genuine Use Case with a tangible monetised outcome for you?

I wrote a post about having access to GPT-4V in the last couple of days. Recently, we've seen the internet abuzz with GPT-4V Use Case demonstrations showcasing simple yet intriguing tasks like adjusting a bike seat or generating an essential website from images. While these feats showcase the adaptability of GPT-4V, the real power of this model lies in its ability to tackle intricate challenges, merge multiple domains of knowledge, and provide sophisticated solutions, as evidenced by a recent "1 day only" project.

So why not flex my AI designer Integrator skills with a high-level GPT-4V Use Case? One with a relevant pain point that can turn into a 1 in 10 windfall.

So for the Boomers & Gen X with Grandads Stamp collection, with no? time or inclination these days, I put ChatGPT-4V to work. No, to not just look at an image but monetise this in under 24 hours with a process. I have a working analysis, valuations, titles, descriptions, a formatted CSV export & import, a Web app, Chrome extension & basic Mobile app.

Use Case of ChatGPT-4V MVP for Stamp classification.
MVP for a Stamp Classifier - no code, using CHatGPT-4V

Harnessing GPT-4V for Knowledge Mining: The Use Case of Stamp Valuation

The Dawn of Knowledge Mining with GPT-4V

In an era where every digital interaction is augmented by AI, I thought of a Use Case that demonstrates what can be done with a real pain point around collecting or owning an old Stamp or coin collection -today. Stamp Albums are unstructured wikipedia's of specific knowledge. Stamp collecting and curating is time-consuming. Specific knowledge and expertise to evaluate potential valuable items is required for small transportable items. The power of GPT-4V, a forefront AI model, provides Boomers & Gen X with tools to realise the potential value of their collectable (stamp) collections.

Perfect, I used Freddie Mercury's recent deceased estate auction item of New Zealand stamps as the first trial.

Freddie Mercurys Stamp Collection Page to Analyse
Source: Southerby's Auctions

Why Stamps and Why Now?

My Bike seat is the right height and I know how to use a hex key. My website hmmm... I know is being taken over by AI - to the good but no real ROI today.

But lets look deeper. Boomers & Gen X potentially have stamp collections that hide unseen treasures. The chances are 1-10 chance of possessing a valuable stamp. The fun to discover, evaluate, and capitalise on these assets is now more significant than ever. It's been a laborious task I get caught up in and then put down. Each stamp is a time capsule and the a research journey - that was part of the attraction historically.

The time it takes with the results then subject to stringent but subjective conditions give good meaning to the title Philatelist - a person who studies stamps.

The AI Integrator Process

Our exploration led us to devise a seamless process. This process is via an Orchestration Agent who controls the unlimited number of experts. Our guy is called Professor DAVE (Digitally Aware Virtual Entity). I discuss the subject matter and outcome. (A Microsoft project has been released on Github called AutoGen -in the last two weeks I became aware of today. Professor Dave is an original Framework created months ago as a Master Prompt. Stay posted it could be fun to get Professor Dave to front AutoGen - make things even easier) ;

  1. Identify & Catalogue: Image capture simplifies the identification of the stamp.

  2. Research & Value: Dive deep into the knowledge base to find the true value.

  3. Evaluate & Automate: A two-pronged approach. First, evaluate the stamp using a knowledge-based system. Next, automate the process, from evaluation to auction, maximising efficiency and profitability.

Analysis of Stamps by GPT-4V in a Table by Design By Zen
The analysis of the Freddie Mercury stamp album page

Classifying the Unseen

The beauty of the process lies in its precision:

  • Classify Objects: Determine the nature of the stamp.

  • Knowledge Classification: Dig deep into the elements of the image, translating visuals into tangible values.

  • Automation: Streamline the process from valuation to the auction stage.

From Web to Mobile – The Tech Behind

The Stamp Evaluator MVP could became broadly accessible via various versions - like Python & HTML, Swift, Flutter etc easily, quickly.

In 24 hours our tool could productionise is capabilities from being a browser extension to a mobile MVP app. Being a mobile app ensures Users could evaluate on the go.
Imagine going to an antiques or art auction with an collectables expert in your pocket. Verify & value anything in near realtime ...hmmm.

Concluding Thoughts

In a digital age where AI is showcased for tasks like adjusting bike seats or crafting basic websites, our exploration stands out. Taking an image, transforming its elements into values, and monetising it through a rich knowledge base presents a unique and invaluable process for many. (And we throw down for the Boomers reading this more impressive than not knowing how to adjust a Bike seat or simple website.) The Roadmap bakes multimodal principles into the UX into the Social Harmony Engine - as an API providing learning capabilities. These little elemental explorations are the special details we have considered our emerge daily to enhance our SHEGPT Zen AI OS.

The role of Design By Zen as the designer and AI integrator underscores the harmonious blend of design thinking and technology. The future is AI-driven "fusion" applications. Today we proved the value of knowledge compression with GPT-4V within 24 hours.

Key Take aways

  1. AI-Powered Image Recognition: Modern AI systems like GPT-4V can seamlessly convert images into actionable information, transforming the way we view and interpret visual data. This offers a revolutionary method for asset evaluation, especially for tangible assets like collectibles.

  2. Streamlining Processes: The Image Capture to Knowledge Mining use case demonstrates how AI can drastically shorten the time between obtaining an asset and monetising it. This kind of efficiency is becoming essential in the fast-paced digital world.

  3. Personalisation of AI: AI integration isn't just about leveraging powerful models; it's about tailoring them to individual or industry-specific needs. This post showcases how AI can be customised to cater to a niche requirement like stamp, coin or art valuation. Another Use Case is about family groups in earthquake prone areas - the DBZ Earthquake 1 "EQ1"

  4. The Role of UI/UX: A sophisticated AI system becomes significantly more user-friendly and effective when combined with an intuitive user interface. Prioritising user experience, as demonstrated by the DBZ style UX, is crucial for the success of AI applications. Fast, no fuss, simple options or voice activated.

  5. The Future is Collaborative: The post underscores the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI. As AI becomes more integrated into various industries, collaboration between human expertise and AI capabilities will pave the way for innovative solutions and expanded possibilities.

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Author Bio:

David W. Harvey, CEO of Design By Zen, merges 42 years of IT and high-tech design expertise with groundbreaking innovation. Inventor of the DBZ Comfort Index, Holistic Objectives algorithm, and the pioneering Social Harmony Ecosystem or Engine -SHEGPT Zen AI architecture, David's work also includes the world's first intelligent earthquake table -EQ1. Holder of multiple international patents, his professional excellence parallels a fervent interest in exotic cars & simulation engineering. Off-screen, David finds balance in cultivating a Zen garden, reflecting his philosophy of harmony in technology and life through art.

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